When we talk about “game”, the first perception is it must be fun

We want people to earn fun together with earn money, many people have to suffer from the other’s negative perception about playing the game as a hobby only for entertainment but it’s nonsense for living.

Our Game

Buddy Beater​

2D multiplayer comedy action survival style game for the web browser on PC with play to earn system based on Ethereum chain which not only makes a feature to earn money but also earns more fun following our key concept "Earn more fun, Hunt your friends, Gain money"

About Quinzy

We believe many people have experienced the negative energy from parents, teachers or other adults that try to label our beloved game as “the life-destroying tool”. Until the coming of blockchain technology that can create a tangible career path for a game lover to play and earn at the same time. This will provide not only entertainment but gain the earnings to live their life.

Quinzy is planning to expand our own game universe to cover every dimension of players’ demand under the concept of one-for-all. This means that every avatar we sell will be able to play in every game of Quinzy Universe and we will become the Quinzy Kingdom of the metaverse in the future.


To create game for fun
To play to live​
To build strong community​