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How to play Buddy Beater?

Four species exist in the Quinzy World: Sapien, Beast, Ancient, and Mutant as a Beater with different abilities and qualifications, which help balance the game physics. The gameplay is a 2D animation, and players have to fight and survive to be the last man standing in the combat arena.

The game design allows players to play with their friends and communicate. There is an add-friend system to facilitate community building in the game, which will create a second world for the player. The player can chat in the waiting room before entering the arena. Furthermore, the avatars will have facial expressions to show their emotions and feelings.

In Phase 1, players can play in the quickplay mode with other people or create their private room with friends, which will link to the Quinzy Playground map. Players can physically attack each other by punching and jump kicking or striking by using weapons dropping in the arena. The timing controller is in the form of a ring of fire that will narrow the surviving area. Beaters use the random-selected weapon in the standard attack with a specific qualification. Some weapons may have more than one qualification, but they might have some side effects on the players themselves. The length of each match depends on the number of players. The more players there are, the longer the game is; however, it will not exceed 10 minutes per round with a maximum players of 8.

After the end of each match, the ladder ranking algorithm will calculate the updated Beater’s rank.

Our GameplayMode

For the 1st Phase, there is only a single-player mode available. Players can select to quickplay or create a private room to play with their friends. The quickplay will let the players play with anyone available at that time, and the AI system will randomly select 4/6/8 players per match depending on player liquidity. 

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