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In-game Items as NFTs

There are currently three types of in-game items to add more power and specific qualifications to the character while playing: earn-gear, war-gear, and totem. The war-gear requires a particular species to wear.

The first type of in-game item is earn-gear, shown as an accessory to the character. Earn gear helps increase daily game tokens you can earn when completing the daily achievement. War gear, shown as equipment. The war-gear helps boost common attributes, so any characters wearing war gear will have more advantages in the battle than those who have none. Totem, shown as amulets, helps prevent the debuff in the gameplay. As it has exceptional capabilities, totems are limited to single-use only. Once worn in the arena, it will disappear after ending the match. 

These three types of in-game items are random from the Gacha Box or Gacha Set that are purchasable by Beater token only.

Gacha Box and Gacha Set

Gacha Box and Gacha Set are mysterious boxes that can be purchased using a Beater token collected by completing the daily game achievement. Inside the Gacha box, there are in-game items, such as earn-gear, war-gear, and totem. After opening the Gachas and finding out that the items you receive are incompatible with your in-stock character, you can trade those items in the marketplace and set the price as you wish. 

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