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What is Buddy Beater?

The increase of the digital economy has risen considerably during the past few years, especially in 2021. Many people around the globe have captured metaverse, Blockchain technology, Cryptocurrency. Their arrival hasn’t only changed the way we consume but how the economic system runs. We, Quinzy, take this as an opportunity to be the pioneer in the digital economy world.

After the decrease of DeFi, GameFi has gained more popularity instead. Nonetheless, few games are operating on Blockchain technology that genuinely focuses on the “gameplay” for the actual game player who is looking for fun and challenges and can play with friends. We, therefore, focus on developing a game that brings back the nostalgic feeling of playing online games with friends, building a dream team to clear missions, and most importantly, the heartwarming community for the players in the fantasy world. That is the kick-start idea before becoming the Buddy Beater.

Buddy Beater is a 2D animation multiplayer battle royale operating on Blockchain technology, Ethereum. Together with the play-to-earn system, which helps players earn money while playing the game. The character of Buddy Beater consists of 4 species, namely, Sapiens, Beast, Ancient, and Mutant, which each of them have their specifications and qualifications, pros and cons.

Buddy Beater’s game economy will help leverage the digital economy industry to another level. We aim to build a sustainable economic system with a well-designed tokenomics system, along with the design and mechanics that are user-friendly for everyone.

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