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What is Quinzy economic system?

Blockchain technology has been known and recognized in several industries for several years. The coming of this technology has changed the way we work and operate, and new economic systems have emerged during this time, including a play-to-earn model.

A play-to-earn model has evolved from the rise of DeFi, and then GameFi, the beginning of the new era of playing games, was born. All of us never thought of playing games and earning money simultaneously before, but with the power of blockchain technology, it happens today.

Many new GameFi have emerged enormously and constantly, as people seek to play and earn more. Its arrival has brought us a new business model and a new way of life for some people. However, there are slight differences between GameFi and games created for fun.

Games should be fun, not dull, but with GameFi, you are playing just for the sake of money, not for fun. GameFi mainly focuses on the investment and the money you can gain when you play the game, but most importantly, it lacks the fascination of “game.” Apart from that, GameFi tends to have a weak economic system which we can see from several games that have been labeled “rug pull.”

Quinzy, therefore, comes up with another idea. We want to create a game that would not explode or fail. We want to make a game distinct from others by optimizing blockchain technology. We want to create a different game that delivers more fun, and players can earn money by playing it. We want to make a game based on our core value: “when it comes to a game, it must be fun.” Players can also afford to pay their bills by playing our game.

We, therefore, love the idea of play-to-earn because it can create a career that helps players to be able to pay their bills by playing games, and they can enjoy playing the game as well. For us, it is a “win-win” model.

However, we know that the weakness of GameFi is the economic system. For that reason, our main concern is that a game should have a sustainable financial system. Our tokenomic system is well-designed by experienced experts. We consider every essential to create the most substantial economic system that will last over decades.

Besides, we believe friendship and community are among the most significant elements of creating a game. Quinzy has recognized the reminiscence of those good old days when you can meet new people and make friends with others in the game. By utilizing technology like blockchain, we aim to create a game that takes you to a whole new world, to be precise, to create another world for you where you can enjoy your second world.

All in all, we, Quinzy, want to create games that are not only just for fun, but you can live your life by playing them. And who would not want to play it?

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